Jacob and Sylvia by Troy Black

A New Christian Adventure Fantasy Book

New Christian Adventure Fantasy Book

Jacob and Sylvia is a BRAND NEW Christian adventure fantasy book. It’s a fiction novel written by Christian author Troy Black and published by Inspire Christian Books. Jacob and Sylvia is a story about a young boy named Jacob who stumbles upon a strange world full of danger. He meets up with a girl named Sylvia, and together they evade a shadowy creature named Destiny. Discover more about the book and characters Jacob and Sylvia as you journey through this site.

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Jacob and Sylvia review

“I loved this book! “Jacob & Sylvia” is full of the spontaneous adventures, lovable characters, and classic, fantastical themes that capture a child’s heart and imagination. Not just an ordinary children’s story, the entirety of the tale is told through a careful cleverness of words, which reveal the inspirational underlying message that adults will read, admire, and want to share with all their friends and family. A book for all ages!”

– Kelsey P.

Jacob and Sylvia review

“I enjoyed that it pulled me away from any preconceived notions that I have about how life works and let me have an imagination like a child again. That anything can happen. I loved the way the narrator interjected throughout the story. All around an amazing read.”

– Taylor R.

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Christian Adventure Fantasy Book

Character Bios

Alias:  Darnish
Sex:  Male
Age:  The age where boys start liking girls but still won’t admit it.
Personality:  Curious, Kind, Trustworthy

Character Quote: “Jacob was an intelligent boy, and he never let circumstances (or the lack thereof) stop him from doing something he had previously determined to do.”

Status:  Princess
Sex:  Female
Age:  Same as Jacob
Personality:  Fun, Hopeful, Sincere

Character Quote: “Sylvia was accustomed to people telling her about her extraordinarily royal-sounding voice, and so she attempted to sound as common as she could manage.”

Jacob and Sylvia
Christian Adventure Fantasy

A Quote From Jacob

“Well, we haven’t been alive as long as adults, so we shouldn’t have as many memories to lose. Therefore, we must lose memories at a slower rate. So long as we can just remember one thing, we should be fine.”

Jacob and Sylvia influences

Literary Influences

Jeeves and Wooster 16%
Peter Pan 23%
Alice In Wonderland 41%
The Bible 20%

These are only a few of the literary works which influenced the writing of Jacob and Sylvia. Read the book for yourself and you may be able to spot a few more.

A Quote From Sylvia

“Father used to always tell of his grand adventures out at sea as a young prince. One time he said that the best journey one could ever take is the journey home. I’ve never really known what he was talking about, though I think I’m beginning to understand.”

Jacob and Sylvia book
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